About Us



Canefields Clubhouse is a non government organisation (NGO) operating a psychosocial rehabilitation for adults experiencing mental illness.
The program operates under the strict guidelines of the Clubhouse International.

Canefields Clubhouse provides hundreds of members in our community with an opportunity to experience meaningful and productive lives.
From humble beginnings in 2000 Canefields Clubhouse commenced operating with unpaid volunteers from a small private residence in Manilla Street, Beenleigh with zero funding, to where we are today – an Incorporated Association with Charity Status operating from large and expanding premises.

Canefields Clubhouse is one of ten (10) clubhouses in Australia. In 2011 Canefields Clubhouse received a three year unconditional certification from the International Centre for Clubhouse Development. Making one of only five (5) ICCD certified clubhouses in Australia.


Our vision is to create a restorative environment within which people who have a mental illness can achieve or regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead vocationally and socially satisfying lives, through productive employment, personal growth, friendship and social networks, career development and long term financial security.

Mission Statement

The mission of Canefields Clubhouse is to promote the rights of people who experience mental illness, to have valued social roles and access to work and community participation.

Clubhouse aims to provide equal access for all clubhouse members to every clubhouse opportunity, and to guarantee the rights of clubhouse members to a place to come, to meaningful work, to meaningful relationships and  a place to return. Canefields Clubhouse is committed to the principle that regardless of the level of disability, every clubhouse member has a contribution to make.


Funding sources:

– Department of Health and Ageing (Day to Day Living in the Community Program)

– Queensland Health

– Max Employment

– Community Donations